3. Sections of the Guide

Sections of the Guide


Sets context for PlantUML and this guide.

Using Standard Library

Examples of what PlantUMLStdlib can do and how it does it.

PlantUML Features

Details on the relevant PlantUML features for drawing diagrams. Some of these are lesser known or undocumented.

Understanding Standard Library

My notes and experiments from trying to understand PlantUMLStdlib._

Standardising Standard Library

Sets the context for why PlantUMLStdlib should be standardised to benefit users and developers. This was the driver for the PlantUMLStdlibRFC.


Some thoughts to be explored and progressed.

Annex Standard Library C4

Details on C4 in general, and as supported in PlantUMLStdlib.


Other items that may help the user, or set context.